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Management System Maintenance

Many of our small to mid size clients retain our services on an ongoing basis to protect the significant investment made in their management system, reduce their overhead, eliminate the need for full-time staff and associated expenses. This allows them to focus on growing their business and achieving the desired return of their management system investment.


Management System Maintenance

ISO Standard Maintenance

If you have fallen behind with your audit, review, action or document changes then contact Kayzed .We have experience at working with different systems in a variety of industries in short time scales before an ISO certification auditor’s visit. In one day we will come and assess your needs and give you a recommended list of actions. We then give you a quote for the work and you can do some of it yourself or get Winning Solutions to do all the preparation for the certification. If you wish our Consultant will attend certification days and help you reduce the ISO certification auditor’s concerns. We know how disruptive preparation for ISO certification audits can be to your organizations output and we take care to keep it at a minimum. You will ask – How successful are you? To date we have a 100% success rate of certification renewals.

  • Your company will be assigned a dedicated and experienced management system professional.
  • We will work with you to understand your organization’s operation and its management system goals and objectives.
  • We will provide support to your current staff or fully administer all aspects of your management system on your behalf.
  • We’ll become a seamless part of your team.

Some benefits includes:

  • Reduction in labor and associated overhead costs,
  • No additional staff,
  • Reduce training costs by using our trained and experienced professionals, and
  • Improve turnaround time of projects and tasks due to our proven processes

We will perform management system tasks, such as:

  • ongoing consultation and support
  • policy maintenance
  • job description creation

Request a proposal via the button below. We look forward to speaking with you on how the ISO Group 9001 can help your company achieve sustainable success through your quality, health, safety and environmental management systems.

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