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ISO 28000 Security Management System for the Supply Chain


With increasing globalization, many companies rely on a supply chain that is on the other side of the world to ship parts, components or finished products. When something goes wrong in that supply chain, those companies often experience serious financial losses and customer problems. This growing phenomenon has resulted in the development of an international security management system for the supply chain with the publication of ISO 28000.

ISO 28000 offers organizations whose business relates to the logistics industry, a framework to identify each aspect that is critical to the security assurance of their supply chains. These include financing, manufacturing and information management. Facilities for packing, storing and transferring goods on their way to locations via various modes of transportation are also included in this standard.

Benefits of ISO 28000

  • Improves stakeholder confidence by demonstrating more robust and secure supply chain management
  • Enhances customer satisfaction by demonstrating ability to meet their specific requirements
  • Makes the organization a supplier of choice by demonstrating the organization’s capability to manage security issues within the supply chain
  • Demonstrates systematic security supply chain management
  • Develops business cooperation along the supply chain
  • Shortens customs clearance time and reduced secondary inspections

Who Needs ISO 28000?

ISO 28000 is suitable to all sizes and types of organizations involved in purchasing, manufacturing, service, storage, transportation and/or sales processes wishing to implement and maintain a secure management system for their supply chain.

Companies that wish to implement and maintain a proven supply chain security management system; any type and size of organization involved in manufacturing, services, storage and transportation related to the production or supply chains.

For industry logistics and supply chain partners most of the requirements are also the requirements of their clients. Adopting this standard represents a limited effort in organization and documentation.

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